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Mission Statement 

Our mission is to empower and inspire youth by providing opportunities that assist them in making positive choices.

Vision Statement 

Our programs are strategically designed to implement the vision of 1st Downs 4 Life by providing the fundamental tools to excel in life through athletics, education, leadership and service. We are dedicated to providing opportunities that inspire and positively impact the life of a child who has a parent impacted by breast cancer.


While longing for someone who had “made it” to come back and give some advice, to answer some important questions, Louis Murphy Jr., saw his mother consistently serve the community and generously show love to youth who, in many ways, did not have guidance in their lives.

Louis vowed to God, his late mother, Filomena Murphy, and himself, that WHEN he did make it, he would come back and lend a helping hand.

This is what 1st Downs 4 Life™ is all about, making sure the next generation has some tangible example and valuable instruction to help them get to the next level in their lives.